Capital Management

Global Partners, Project Renaissance

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Store-of-the-Future Concept and Implementation

Strategic project lead for Global Partners 1,500-unit Gasoline Distribution & Station Operations (GDSO) developing and overseeing the Project Renaissance initiative. Project Renaissance is the overall strategic design, process and implementation for new store builds, raze-and-rebuilds and remodels. 

This initiative is a multi-department, multi-outsource cohesive endeavor that manages the following:
     - Overall streamlining of the Capital Expense Management (CAPEX) process
     - New Alltown-branded designs
     - Development of 5 prototypical layouts
     - Overall strategic sponsorship of an equipment purchasing program
     - New site selection and economic validation in the downtown Boston marketplace
     - Development of a store-by-store equipment and attributes database
     - Oversight to the brand standards and guidelines
     - Development of the store-by-store Capital Expense Management (CAPEX) budgets

Project Renaissance combines the contributions of operations, marketing, branding, merchandising and facilities management under one umbrella. With as many as 30 concurrent projects, the complexities of all of the “moving parts” are immense. Gray Cat serves as the “quarterback” for the Renaissance initiative providing the strategic leadership to ensure that all parties are cohesive in their strategic guidance as well as with their tactical execution.

Mark Cosenza 

SVP, Global Partners

“Global Partners and hired John Matthews and Gray Cat and he has provided an expertise that we were looking for to enhance our operations across a number of fronts, producing great results. His personality meshes perfectly with our culture and has consistently provided creative solutions in a timely manner. All in all, he has been a tremendous value to our organization in operations, merchandising, marketing and strategic planning. John is a high integrity guy that is a great contributor to the overall success of our team.”  

John Matthews, President & CEO, Gray Cat Enterprises, Inc.

John Matthews is the Founder and President of Gray Cat Enterprises, Inc. a Raleigh, NC-based management consulting company. Gray Cat specializes in strategic project management and consulting for multi-unit operations; interim executive management; and strategic planning. Mr. Matthews has over 30 years of senior-level executive experience in the retail industry, involving three dynamic multi-unit companies. Mr. Matthews experience includes President of Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches; Vice President of Marketing, Merchandising, Corporate Communications, Facilities and Real Estate for Clark Retail Enterprises/White Hen Pantry; and National Marketing Director at Little Caesar's Pizza! Pizza!