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Merchandising is a critical aspect of how "shoppable" a store will be. Conceal or confuse the customer with your merchandising and it won't matter if you carry the top brands, the customer will become frustrated and leave the store.

Many retailers simply "stack it high and let it fly" without considering the nuances of proper merchandising.

By guiding the customer through your store with their favorite products that are easily accessible, the retailer has an excellent opportunity to turn merchandise inventory more quickly and thus increase profits.

The goal with an overall merchandising strategy is to make the shopping experience quick, efficient, and easy for the customer. While some customers may wish to "shop" the store and take more time, let that be their choice, not forced into that mode by poor merchandising.

This course is designed to give you a leg up on merchandising from understanding the customer; to selecting the correct products and adjacencies; and creating promotions through in-store displays and signage.

80-page manual is available - order Gray Cat's "Local Store Marketing for Retailers" manual on Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/1543239196